about our road


and welcome to our little story.

we’re cody + ashley.

we first met….well actually we don’t remember, but it was while we were both attending The Master’s College.

we had mutual friends, and while cody thought ashley was crazy and much older, ashley thought of him being the quiet freshman…he wasn’t a freshman….and she was crazy, but only a couple of years older.

fast forward, one year later, he, now a junior and she, coming up on graduation, went out to coffee at aroma cafe. two dirty chais and three or four hours later, we unknowingly had our last first date…

then came june of 2013, cody was drafted by the miami marlins in the 24th round. only having been dating for about three months at this time we spent a few months apart for the rookie season and by the end we dreaded ever having to do it again, so that february, one year after our first date we got engaged and after an unplanned season of tommy john and rehab, we were married that november 15, 2014.

and now here is our crazy little adventure. living in the minors for as long as the lord will have us, living as vagabonds and finding the true meaning to “less is more”.

thank you for joining us!

we can be contacted at anytime via ahomeontheroad@gmail.com




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